Thursday, May 16, 2013

We Love Salad Bar Day..., Hatching Healthiness In Our Cafe'

Our school farm began when a group of teachers and parents came together with a common goal of creating an outdoor learning environment. It has grown into so much more. In addition to educating kids in core subjects, we continue to look at the many ways that we can help them become healthy and environmentally minded kids.

To get kids to eat healthier, you have to model it and who better to model than the kids themselves. Many students sent in pictures of themselves eating and making salads.

Then, our school district took notice of the many initiatives that we are doing to raise healthy kids and they gifted us with the only salad bar at the elementary level.

Parents volunteer and support the process of students chosing the ingrediants and making their own salads.

Even our teachers look forward to salad bar day!

Our salad bar is a great addition to our campaign of Hatching Healthiness! Thanks so much Rose Ann Martin, Director of RISD Child Nutrition! We LOVE your support! RISD Child Nutrition Website

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