Monday, November 21, 2016

Thankful Are We

This time of the year is the time to reflect and give back. Our student farmers did just that! Sixth grade learned about gleaning and put it in action. They harvested 27 pounds of food from the giving garden and we donated it to Network Ministries. They also picked an abundance of lettuce and swiss chard, bagged it up and gave it to some Primary students. Many classes harvested their crops before the frost came and all of them picked farm fresh herbs and made bundles so that they could contribute to their feasts at home. We learned about what it really means to be thankful and celebrated all that we are thankful for.

Everyday we give thanks for our garden and all that grows there! Thanks to all who keep us growing!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Communities on our Farm

Fall is the time of the year when the Monarchs come through Dallas on their way to Mexico for the winter. Since we planted many of their favorite host plants, we have seen a lot of them over the past month. During this migration, we spotted a tagged monarch from the University of Kansas. They have a Monarch data collection program, and one of our winged visitors had a website and phone number placed on its wing. We were able to gather some real time data for this program. The kids loved chasing them around the farm and looking for tags. While we were learning about our Monarchs, we spotted many other garden champions along the way. It was quite exciting times on the farm. Ask the kids about it. They will have a lot to report.

Farm learning is the best learning!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Crop Checks - Soil Comparisons - Farm Critters

Our garden is growing like gangbusters with cool evenings and warm days. This week, we checked in on our crops. Kinder is learning about describing attributes (size, shape, color, texture, etc) and made comparisons with leaves on the farm. Ask them which leaf they shared.

Third grade compared different soil samples from the farm. They learned the components of soil and found some fun animals in their samples.

We love the connections that are made on a daily basis. Ask your farm friend about their weekly lessons on their urban farm. E I E I O..,