Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful For Our Farm And Farmers!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, there is so much that this farmer is thankful for. 

-Our Farmers
-Our Teachers
-Our Cafeteria Workers
-Our Master Gardeners
-Our Parents
-Our Farm Team
-Our Chickens
-Our Partners
-Our Supporters
-Our Suppliers
-Our Opportunities that keep coming our way

We couldn't do it without you all! So, enjoy our latest endeavor..., movie making! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family and all who you love!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Making Way For November's Gusty Gales

The Season is a changing...., So we had to get busy with our harvest!

Our Art students celebrated Fall harvest as well with great drawings of pumpkins.

One of our classes harvested and learned about the herbs that Indians used. They even made medicine bags.

Marigold harvest brought us so many flowers that we made a long swag out of the beautiful flowers.

Grubs were harvested for our chickens of course.

High School students dropped by this week to enjoy Fall on the farm.

Our farm keeps sending us new friends. This friend is an electrician in our district, who happens to raise emus. He thought that since we had a flock of chickens, we would like to learn about other birds and eggs. So, now we have a really cool emu egg at our school.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our School Garden Army - Work On The Farm

Our school farm is a special place filled with special kids who do the work to keep our farm growing. Everyday is a new day with new chores and most importantly new learning. So, here's to the kids who dig in and help out in oh so many ways...., You all are the best!

When a local garden store was throwing away ripped bags of soil, some parents picked it up and our farm friends helped unload it.

These students worked with the compost and learned about the magic of critters who live in it.  We found some very cool bugs!

Our community drops their old Halloween pumpkins and we get to smash them into small bits for the compost.

There is always an abundance of energy and happiness when kids come out to the farm!

Harvesting is the payoff for the work on the farm. These girls got to take home yummy parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

As always there is chicken work and we have a new one named Pickle who we adore!