Monday, December 19, 2016

Gifts From The Garden

During the holiday season, our garden work slows down, but our learning continues to grow. Throughout the year, our farmers collect seeds from spent flowers, overgrown okra or when milkweed seeds explode. The kids were reminded about how a plant produces a flower and where the fruit and/or seeds develop. They love looking at the many varieties and making comparisons of the different types and how they travel to produce offspring. The students separated seeds and created little seed packets to give as a gift to someone special or back to the earth. We love all the excitement that gifts from the garden give back to us! Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Historical Holiday Plants and A Freeze

Our garden is a great place to make connections with so many things, and this week we researched Holiday Plants. We learned about origin, how they were discovered, fun facts and folklore. The kids really loved the Mistletoe, but since Moss Haven Farm is a Kiss Free Zone, we were all safe when we walked under the trees that had it growing in their branches. 

With temperatures dipping down for a hard freeze, the kids helped protect our herbs during the cold snap. Most of our warm season crops have been removed, so we just needed to protect a few beds. Stop by to see what grows in the cold. You will be surprised!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Prepping for the Big Cool Down

The weather is getting ready to take a turn for colder temps, so our farmers learned about warm season and cool season crops. Some friends harvested the last of our peppers, others smashed pumpkins for our compost, 4th grade measured perimeter and area of the garden beds and 5th grade studied the components of soil. Mrs. Diggs (our beloved Master Gardener) stopped in for a quick lesson about bugs on the farm too. We enjoyed the last week of warm sun and light breezes, while we made the garden ready to take on winter's first big blast. 

Bundle up! The cold is on its way. Brr...,