Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Camp 2017

Oh how we love Farm Camp! Summer is the perfect time to spend time doing chores, crafts, games and creating art on the farm. We did all this and more. I think that everyone's favorite day was Talent Show and Spinner Racing Day. We had amazing talent this year too. Thanks to all who dropped off their kiddos for a day of fun on the farm! We can't wait til next year! 

Thank You Whole Kids Foundation!

We are huge fans of Whole Kids Foundation! This year, our 5th grade students were given an Innovation Grant that focused on food, farming and nutrition. It was a wonderful opportunity for the kids to learn about our local food system, learn from local experts and cook up some yummy farm to table recipes. Edible Education is a subject that is lacking in the United States today. If you can educate children about healthy food and lifestyles when they are young, they can beat the odds of getting the common health problems that we see in record numbers in the US today. So, here's to raising healthy kids who care about the environment! Thank you Whole Kids Foundation for doing so much good to support that. E I E I O..., It's off to school to grow!