Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween From Moss Haven

Remember to balance your sugary treats with some healthy treats as well.

Our Library  holds a Storybook Pumpkin event every year and the farm loves how veggies are celebrated in many ways at our school. There were some great creations this year!

Be safe and have fun!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Triple Play 60 Day

Notice the two brains? Powerful data are in those images! So to contribute to the power of our students' brains, we held an event called Triple Play 60 Day. For this event, we incorporated our Walk-a-thon, playing sport court games and working on the farm. Celebrating our healthy partnerships with American Heart Association Teaching Gardens, Fuel Up To Play 60, Healthy Zone Schools, and Dallas Master Gardeners was part of the plan. We wanted to reinforce the many ways that kids can get out and get moving by exercising throughout their days. We also raised money to support Our Children's House who help kids in need of therapy and pediatric services. It was a great day of play!

Our 6th graders created a cheer to get the kids excited about Fuel Up To Play 60.

Working on the farm is exercise too. It is amazing how much fun the kids have moving mulch around!

The kids ran/walked for part of this event. They loved every minute of it!

Playing on the Sport Court was part of the action as well.

Of course we had to get the chickens in on the action. Our coop is always the highlight - and yes, it involves exercise too!

Special thanks to our friends who managed the fund raising portion of our day!