Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Last Week in January

 In Texas, we have amazing weather in the winter! It makes living through the blazing heat of August worth the wait. Fifth grade is studying Life Science, so what better way to learn about that topic than being outdoors on the farm. When I walked out to see what they were doing, there was so much focus, concentration and engagement. See for yourself.

We recently added drip irrigation lines to our garden beds, so we had to dig everything up. This week, we got the green light to start working in the garden again. The 1st and 2nd grade friends learned about square foot gardening, grids and multiplication. They worked together to tie off the grids and did a great job. Stop by the farm and see our progress.

Primary Lesson

5th grade Lesson

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What Happens on the Farm Applies to the Classroom

It was a great week on the farm! Almost every grade level participated in science lessons on the farm this week. We are so fortunate to have an outdoor laboratory where kids can connect their learning to the real world. Everyday the kids make connections on the farm and their learning comes alive. 

Kinder learned about rocks this week, but took a quick step out into the cold to check out our lettuce crops.

5th grade is learning about fossils, so we learned about the steps that Paleontologists go through when they investigate layers in the Earth, while making their discoveries.

6th grade stepped out to learn about compost. They compared new compost to completed compost and found some really fascinating discoveries while digging in and working together. 

Mrs. Mabry's class came out to study soil. The kids learned about how it is formed and the ingredients in soil. Then they took their own soil samples from all over the farm to investigate back in the classroom. #CheersToSoil

Our Moss Haven Farmers 4 H Club met to talk about the flock and practice our hen handling skills. They are doing a great job!

The learning and crops keep growing on the farm! Check back next week for the latest lessons.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hands on Learning - The Ones That Last!

This week we connected a ton of curriculum. When kids learn by doing, they remember so much more than when they see it or hear it. Chances are, they will remember their lessons from the farm. Ask your 5th graders about making landforms, your kinder friends from Mrs. Akin's class, about steam, or your Primary friends about changes in the winter, and you should get an earful. Upper Farm Club always has tales and adventures to tell too. The connections to curriculum, nature and each other continue to grow and thrive on our school farm and we are all better for that! Can't wait for next week!