Saturday, January 9, 2016

We Are Farmers...,

Every week is a great week on the farm! This week, I made some wonderful observations as I sat back and watched what has happened to the kids who actually work this farm. It was amazing! 

When the 5th graders came out for our after school Farm Club, I had a list of the "to dos" waiting for them as they buzzed down the ramp. After listening to the chores that needed to be completed, the magic happened. Teams were formed, not by me, but by the kids and they took total charge. They knew where to get the tools that they needed. They took great care in the work that they performed. They negotiated, asked for help from each other and worked for the entire hour. I sat and watched. 

One of the many benefits that comes from kids in the garden are the social skills that will support the many endeavors that these kids take on throughout their lives. They cooperate, negotiate, share, take turns, ask for help, give help and work to accomplish tasks. I adore these farmers and love how they dig in all of the time. Make sure you get them out in your own backyards, because they know what they are doing in the garden and most likely will be able to teach you a thing or two.

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