Friday, April 26, 2013

Hatching Healthiness and Yes..., Baby Chicks!

The big news this week are baby chicks! We counted down the 21 days that it takes for eggs to hatch and watched, waited and counted down some more. Our hatch date was 2 days late. Perhaps the STAAR test slowed their process. When we were all done with testing, the first one started pecking and chirping and made its way out at the end of the school day.

Our first feathered friend was peeping away to encourage the other chicks to get out of their shells.

Look how cute it is! Welcome to Moss Haven!

The line was out the door.There were so many kids who wanted to see the baby chick.

Today, Chick Nuber 2 hatched! It was equally exciting and a different color.

We love our chickens and hatching healthiness!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

We Love Spring And Our Farm!


There has been so much activity on the farm. It is the best place to learn at our school. The beautiful weather has brought many classes out to observe, study and learn lessons on the farm.

Then there are our hard working farmers who keep things blowing and growing on our farm. We couldn't do it without you all.

So get outside and enjoy our farm or yours!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Chickens Inspire Us

Meet beautiful Betty. She is so beautiful that she has many fans. She can be a little bossy with other chickens, but she is gentle with us. Her breed is a Plymouth Barred Rock and she lays pale brown eggs.

Laverne is at the bottom of the pecking order. She is a favorite by our students because she is often picked on by the other chickens. We cheer for Laverne when she jumps in to snatch up worm treats or fresh strawberries. Laverne is an Americauna and she lays beautiful pale blue eggs. Americauna's nickname is "Easter Egger".

Wilma rules the roost! She is the boss, the leader and is always in charge of the flock. She pecks at the other chickens if they are doing something that she doesn't want them to do. She is also the biggest, so the other chickens do whatever Wilma wants them to do. Wilma is a New Hampshire Red and lays dark brown eggs.

Our Chickens are everywhere in the school building as well. We are all big fans of the girls!

And then there are the eggs..., such an amazing process!

We're hatching healthiness on the farm every day!