Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Chicken Or The Egg?

We are loving our chickens and the amazing ability that they have in laying an egg about every 27 hours. 

Our students are thrilled by the excitement of it all!

Our daily egg collection is celebrated and graphed.

The kids love to be able to check the egg box and marvel at the thrill of a treasured egg.

It is quite an honor to hold a coveted Moss Haven chicken egg.

The teachers get a kick out of it too.

Laverne, our chicken that lays blue eggs, laid her first egg on our farm last week.

Laverne's blue eggs have beautiful bright yellow yolks.

We built an enclosure so that the kids and chickens could interact a bit and we wouldn't have to chase them around the school yard if they got loose.

This class got to observe thc chickens as they frenzied over meal worms in the chicken yard,

This past year, the kids have learned to tend plants and care for the land. This year we are egg-cited to teach the kids to care for living animals. So much to be learned and oh so fun! 

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