Saturday, March 29, 2014

American Heart Association Celebration - Farm Style

This year marks our third year in the garden business and our partnership with American Heart Association. Having a school farm has given us many opportunities for learning and fun! We are so proud of our farm and the learning that takes place out there on a regular basis. We are growing healthy kids, who are learning more and more about the Earth, nutrition and themselves. 

Our partnership with American Heart Association has been a great benefit to our school community. Not only did they help finance our grass roots movement, they continue to support us with curriculum, volunteer hours and recognition for all of our accomplishments.

The kids rotated through three lessons on the farm. They learned about chlorophyll and the role that it plays in photosynthesis. At the chicken coop, they learned the difference between free range and caged chickens, as well as the difference in their eggs. The kids also got to check out the progress in their square foot garden space where they weeded, harvested and some needed to replant. 

We had many volunteers who spent the day with us. They helped with planting, lessons and working the compost.

The rain held off until 5 minutes after the last class came out. Which was perfect for watering our new Spring crops. Check back often to watch our progress and our mission of Hatching Healthiness!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Week Of Spring

The weather is warming  and weeds are growing, but that only gives us a fun job of pulling weeds.

There is always chicken bonding to do. Our hens love being hugged!

With warmer weather, our outdoor classroom becomes a popular setting for classes.

First grade is even bringing the garden lessons inside, while they are learning about grasses, weeds  and brassica.

This farmer is happy to get back to the dirt!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Healthy Zone School Celebration - Lets Move Moss Haven!

We celebrated our Healthy Zone status last week. It was a beautiful day filled with smiles, sweat and hearts pumping. Two parents (former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders), taught the entire school a flash mob dance to the song Move Your Body. This song is the official song of the Lets Move initiative that Michelle Obama is involved in. Healthy Zone School goals align with this movement as well. They are focussed on improving the health of our children, which in turn will improve the health of our Nation. Part of being a Healthy Zone School, includes an event to promote healthiness. At our school, we chose a dance to celebrate, and it was so much fun!

We also invited student groups from our local high school to model to our kids how teenagers work towards being healthy through exercise. Our kids loved them! 

We are proud to be a Healthy Zone School and look forward to continuing our partnership with United Way and The Cooper Institute. More great things are sure to come our way!