Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taking Care Of Each Other And Our Farm

Now that our crops are in the ground, we have much to do on the farm. This is the time when caring and tending to crops is a number one priority. We have to make sure that our seedlings are getting adequate amounts of water and check our plots for weeds and pests on a daily basis. 


It is amazing to see how confident the kids have become with using tools, watering without washing away tiny seeds and how to care for things that are growing as well as each other. The farm takes teamwork, and the kids who come out and work after school have to work with a variety of different kids, doing important jobs that lead to the successes of our harvests. 

Our farm friends take their jobs quite seriously and do incredible work to get the job done. Showing kids that what they do is important to our success, gives them confidence to dig in and work towards a common goal. It also gives them a sense of pride to take part in a really amazing learning  environment.


Caring for the Earth and each other is important and these are those life lessons that are common place and part of the deal, when working on the farm!


Friday, February 21, 2014

We Love Planting Days!

With a big blue sky and warm breezes blowing through the farm, we had a productive planting day this week! The kids worked with parent volunteers, Master Gardeners and their teachers to dig in and plant our cool season Spring plants. Radishes, kale, swiss chard, broccoli, spinach, onions, lettuces, beets, turnips and carrots were planted in our square foot gardens. We also learned about how much water different plants need and specific information about the plants we planted. Teachers taught the kids about the structure and functions of the plant parts as well.

It was a great day! Look for big, green growth coming soon!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Spring Is Right Around The Corner! (We can hardly wait)

The view from the swings gives a great glimpse of the farm. Farm loving kids can check on the crops and the chicks while swinging on the playground and dreaming about Spring crops. 

How many boys does it take to turn the compost? Sixteen farm friends helped keep things cooking in the compost this week. 

These farm kids found some bulbs that the squirrels dug up and popped them back in the dirt. They found roots, so we hope they will poke through the dirt one day soon.

Our 2nd graders are learning about the water cycle and brought their rain gauges out to the farm for their investigations. Can't wait to hear about their results!

Our farm friend from Texas A & M Agrilife dropped off our Spring eggs. We are excited to be hatching some little peeps in about 21 days. It is a science, hatching eggs. We have to make sure that humidity and temperature stays constant so that we have success with our hatching. The kids are thrilled!

So, here is to Springtime coming our way and commitment to hatching healthiness at Moss Haven! Consider finding a spot in your yard to give gardening a try. It is a great adventure for your health and family. Many of your kids are the experts. E I E I O...,