Friday, February 7, 2014

Blowing Snow and Farm Prep - Oh My!

Our big farm field (The Giving Garden) was prepped this week to make way for Spring crops to be planted. All the produce grown in this field will be given away to a local food bank.

We also installed our purple martin birdhouses and are crossing our fingers that the birds will find them when they fly through Dallas. Purple Martins are beneficial farm friends. They love to eat pesky flying insects and have beautiful songs that fill the air. The Native Americans used hollowed out gourds to welcome them to their  neighborhoods as well. They come to Texas from February till the end of June. 

A chicken was found walking down the road that our school is on. So now we have four hens. We have to keep her separated for a few weeks to make sure that she is healthy and that the other hens can gradually be introduced to her. She is already laying eggs, so that is a good sign.

She is a big hit with the kids and we have named her Gretel.

Our Tower Garden has been re-planted with lettuce, pattypan squash, cucumber and sugar snap peas.

We should have sprouts in a week or so.

The crazy weather in Texas blew a snowstorm through this week. This shut us down for a day or so, but we should be back in progress next week. There is a saying in Texas "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute and it is sure to change."

This farmer is ready for warm breezes and greens popping out of the ground. How about you?

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