Friday, February 14, 2014

Spring Is Right Around The Corner! (We can hardly wait)

The view from the swings gives a great glimpse of the farm. Farm loving kids can check on the crops and the chicks while swinging on the playground and dreaming about Spring crops. 

How many boys does it take to turn the compost? Sixteen farm friends helped keep things cooking in the compost this week. 

These farm kids found some bulbs that the squirrels dug up and popped them back in the dirt. They found roots, so we hope they will poke through the dirt one day soon.

Our 2nd graders are learning about the water cycle and brought their rain gauges out to the farm for their investigations. Can't wait to hear about their results!

Our farm friend from Texas A & M Agrilife dropped off our Spring eggs. We are excited to be hatching some little peeps in about 21 days. It is a science, hatching eggs. We have to make sure that humidity and temperature stays constant so that we have success with our hatching. The kids are thrilled!

So, here is to Springtime coming our way and commitment to hatching healthiness at Moss Haven! Consider finding a spot in your yard to give gardening a try. It is a great adventure for your health and family. Many of your kids are the experts. E I E I O...,

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