Saturday, May 31, 2014

Master Gardener On The Farm Days

We love our farm and especially love it when our Master Gardener friends come out to work with us! We just held our last Master Gardener Day for the year and it was a great learning experience, as always. 

The harvesting is always the big payoff for our school farmers. They love digging up their carrots and radishes, cutting off their lettuce and swiss chard and plucking their broccoli, cauliflower and  cabbage from the stalk. Even when some of the farmers are down on their luck because their plant did not yield any crops, that old farm value of sharing kicks in and the bountiful harvests of other farmers are shared with the ones who have none. Teamwork and sharing are always a common theme on the farm.

Lessons on the farm are planned and organized so that they are matched up with grade level objectives. However, often times, we get off track with the magic of what the farm presents us with on any given day.

In any event, whether it be planned or unplanned lessons, there are always opportunities for learning and growing and hatching healthiness every time our students step out on the farm!