Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Visit To The Cooper Institute And Top 10 Healthiest Neighborhoods In Dallas

Working towards improving the health of our kids and community is really important work! Through our partnership with Healthy Zone Schools, we were chosen to do a trial run of the Cooper Classroom Concept in three classrooms at our school. This week we received an invitation to a think tank of sorts to discuss our experiences with the material and equipment that goes along with the program.

 We were given a tour of the facilities and learned about their programs. 

Then we had the honor of visiting with Dr. Kenneth Cooper.

He shared his vision of learning based on brain research and fitness levels.  He is a leading expert on this, which goes without saying.

This is a close up of the report that he shared. Which student will be learning and retaining more of what is taught to them at school? I'll take the one on the right!

We brought along letters of thanks that our students and teachers wrote, thanking Dr. Cooper for allowing us to participate in Active Learning Classrooms. He liked them a lot kids!

The surprise of the week came when we were rewarded for our healthy initiatives that are spilling out into our neighborhood. The Moss Haven Community was recognized as being in the top 10 for the healthiest neighborhoods in Dallas! We are quite proud and thankful for partnerships like the ones that we have through The Cooper Clinic and Healthy Zone! 


Thanks to Dr. Cooper and everyone working to support healthier tomorrows for our students!

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