Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Peep At The Coops 2016

A Peep At The Coops urban chicken coop tour has a history that goes back for the past 7 years. Originally this funky chicken lovers tour was initiated by our friends at Edible Magazine, then passed on to Stonewall Gardens. This year it landed in our lap and we loved taking on the role of "Headquarters". It was an amazing day with great weather, people, food, entertainment, artisans and all things chicken. Thanks to all who made this such a great success!

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out all day long!

Special Thanks to our sponsors who supported this amazing event! We are who we are because of the community we build!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Botany - The Study of Plants

It's May and we have worked hard on the farm. Our seeds and transplants have been planted and it is time to start to reap our harvests. This week we did just that! To tie our farm visits into curriculum, we applied it to career investigations and learned a little bit of what a Botanist does. The classes picked onions, lettuce and snow peas. It was a great week with so much learning!