Thursday, September 11, 2014

Many Hands Make Light Work

With more beds and fields than this farmer can manage, extra hands are greatly appreciated this time of the year. Getting back in the swing of school often times gets in the way of tending to the farm. This week, when our farm needed some TLC, our farm friends came out in force and crossed everything off of our to do list.

Thanks to everyone who helps out on our farm in so many ways. Our village is amazing and the support never ceases to amaze!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome Goldie and Sweetie!

Our new chicks were named this week by two lucky students who entered in a drawing to name our hens.  The kids got to walk down the red carpet at our school wide assembly to introduce our latest members of the flock. They were perfectly named according to their personalities. Our golden girl is Goldie and our other beautiful black hen is named Sweetie.

Goldie is a bit shy and not used to being handled, so my farm friends got to personally welcome Sweetie to Moss Haven. 

We love it when new farm friends come our way and look forward to spending time with them on the farm. E I E I O...,

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hip Hop For Healthiness - Representing at RISD Convocation

Moss Haven Faculty and Students were a big hit at this year's Convocation for all RISD employees. Thanks to some special moms who taught us the moves, we practiced all summer for our Flash Mob dance that kicked things off. It was a great opportunity to show the district how our Healthy Zone school rolls! Thanks to all who participated and made this a great event! We love our health-loving kids and community!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

We Love Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a great partner of our farm. They come out for all kinds of events and support us both on the farm as well as providing healthy foods for our community. They stopped by for a visit to show their staff what our farm was all about, and who better to show them than our school farmers. It was a great time!


Looking forward to a new school year of Growing Goodness on our farm with the amazing support that we get from our friends at Whole Foods.!