Sunday, September 17, 2017

Building Community

All students at Moss Haven come to learn and grow with the seasons, on a weekly basis. Many of our lessons are based on grade level science content, but some of the best lessons come from working together with a common goal of keeping our garden growing throughout the year. This week, our friends from Bonnie Plants dropped off some veggie and herb plants. The kids planted more fall crops and then our community came out to spruce up the farm. It was a great week of working with others and caring for the land. Stop by and take a look at all the goodness that we have growing at Moss Haven Farm.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Time to Sow Those Seeds

With cooler temperatures and cleared raised beds, all of the students helped to plant cool season crops this week. In the ground, went carrots, radish, beets, lettuce, swiss chard, and kale. The Kinder friends used seed tape that held carefully spaced seeds, while the other kids planted teeny tiny seeds with care. Look for baby greens to start popping up in a few days. Next week, we plant transplants. The farm will be back in full production real soon. Stop by and see for yourself.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Back to the Farm

This week was a busy one at Moss Haven Farm! We enjoyed Master Gardener lessons on Rules and Tools. The kids learned about elements of soil and welcomed 2 new chickens to the coop. Next week we will plant seeds and get the farm back into production mode. It's going to be a great year folks, so make sure that you follow along. You can sign up to receive our weekly postings at the bottom of the page. We can be found @MossHavenFarm fb, @TheMHFarm twitter or @thefarmerkim instagram. EIEIO.., It's off to school to grow.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lexicon of Sustainability Project Localize

This year our 6th grade students embarked on a journey studying our local food system. Using the Project Localize curriculum, we learned about agriculture terms, experts in food and agriculture in Dallas, Texas and how our local food system is functioning. Our students will soon become consumers and they will be our next policy makers. When we empower kids, there are amazing results. Look for these pop up posters in our community. The kids did a great job! #EIEIO