Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Farmers' Giving Spirts

The idea of a school farm was started by a grass roots group of parents and teachers. We have come so far in one short year. Today we have kids helping in the gardens, classes harvesting from their beds and cooking something delicious, kids and families making healthier food choices, and so much giving spirit!

This farm friend brought a 6 pack of pretty garden gloves to share with the school.

Yesterday I was greeted with a planting pack of sweet pea seeds to plant on the farm.

A berry smoothie was delivered to me on the farm from one of our Foodie Enrichment Clusters.

Several farm friends gave us their Saturday to help paint the chicken pen.

Eagle Scout Chase Murray organized his troop to build an erosion table that our students can use to learn about weathering in a natural environment. Thanks Chase!

She was so happy to share her ladybugs that she found in her neighborhood.

 She released them on our newly planted crops.

Then we have the farm friends who give back to the ladybugs. Everyday after school a group of kids add  to this ladybug playground. We have to keep them happy! They are a great  defense for pests on the farm.

Like most of the kids at Moss Haven, the ladybugs love it on the farm too. Thanks to everyone for their constant giving! We couldn't do it without our community,whether it be kids, parents, teachers or ladybugs!

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