Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Planting Day

Our Spring planting date was a little chilly, but everyone dug in and we got our beds planted and ready to go and GROW!  Our Principal, Mr. Henderson, got in the action too.

This class planted flowers and herbs in their garden beds.

Everyone cooperated and worked together to get the job done.

We are big fans of basil, which of course gives us delicious pesto sauce.

The kids learned how to take a plant out of the pot, cover them up and "tuck" them in the soil.

Teamwork was the theme of the day.

We welcomed our Master Gardener partners who helped lend a hand on our plant day. 

The teachers kicked off the planting day by digging in.

Marigolds were planted to keep garden pests away and attract beautiful butterflies and pollinators to the farm.

Each teacher planted a marigold in their class bed.

Two days later, the temperature hit 32 degrees. Fortunately we had many tarps to keep our seedlings wrapped up tight. 

We look forward to warmer weather and bountiful crops!

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