Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Spruce Up On The Farm

We had a big long list of chores for our farm work day.

We placed straw between the beds in the big farm field on the playground.

There was a lot of big worm love. Worms = Magic in the garden.

This farm friend found the biggest worm on record.

The kids worked hard filling in the walkways of the farm field with fresh cut straw.

Lots of families came out together to roll up their sleeves and dig in.

We moved miles of soil this weekend.

Some signage was added to the farm.

Even Pip, a family dog, joined in our efforts.

Grubs kept the kids entertained on the farm.

This family enjoyed the nice weather and worked hard to help us get the job done.

Kids worked together to mark out the rows and walkways of our farm field.

These girls staked the opposite side of the field.

Straw is fun. It seemed like a real farm.

Straw snow was great to play in!

Kids of all ages dug in during the Spring Spruce Up.

Straw was fun to work with.

This was the youngest farmer to participate. We love two year olds!

Brothers hard at work with the mulch mound.

Straw is awesome!

Our big farm field is ready to be planted.

This family came out in full force.

A father - daughter team came out to build a new compost system.

Working on the farm is hard work, but so rewarding! We had a great turnout and everybody who came out to lend a hand did a great job. When I sat back and looked at all that was accomplished this weekend, I was so thankful of our wonderfully supportive community. They are truly amazing and the farm keeps digging our community roots in deeper and stronger. Thanks for all who helped. We really couldn't do it without your never ending support!

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