Friday, October 11, 2013

We're Cooking Up A Storm

Julia Child is known for being one of the first American Chefs to bring healthy meals, presented in beautiful ways to the table in our own homes. Some of her recipes are complicated, but all of her recipes start with fresh ingredients. Fresh foods are the best foods and our kids are learning that first hand in their classrooms throughout the school. Food levels the playing field. Students of all ability levels become a team when they cook and collaborate to prepare the perfect dish. It also pulls together all curriculum strands, so don't fear..., there is learning going on here! Bon Appetite!

One of our classes had a salsa/guacamole competition. They took it very seriously, with a lot of fun and cooperation.

Farm fresh wraps were served right on the farm during a visit by these 3rd graders. There is nothing like fresh picked greens.

Our sixth grade class can grow eggplant and they bake a mean eggplant parmesan!

Fresh peppers and spinach quesadillas are a big favorite of all our farm friends! If they grow it, they will eat it!

One of our teachers was thrilled to snip fresh herbs and use them in a meal at home. She even sent a picture of her kitchen masterpiece. 

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