Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Earth Day Bake Sale

Four 2nd grade girls wanted a bake sale to help support our farming projects. They came up with a great idea..., An Earth Day Bake Sale. In addition to farming and keeping chickens, we are also are hatching healthiness by looking at our school's overall food climate. So in keeping with those themes, these girls baked delicious, healthy, tasty snacks for their sale. 

The girls baked their tasty treats over the weekend. Then brought them to school for the sale.

They baked over 200 snacks and were set up for the sale.

So many kids came to the sale, that the girls sold out within 8 minutes.

They counted their money and donated it to our farm supply fund.

Thanks girls for being leaders in our school by showing others how to make healthy yummy choices!

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