Friday, May 10, 2013

Farmers For The Day

Our school holds an auction every year to help fund things that make our school amazing, like the farm. Two families bought "Farmer For The Day" and those farmers got to bring a farm hand along for the fun. So, today was the day and it was Farm-tastic!

We started the day backstage during the Roundup Assembly to celebrate the farm.

Then we baked the cookie base of our dessert that we were making later in the day.

After that, we visited the chickens.

They always steal the show!

There is something about the magic of laying eggs!

We surveyed the crops.

In the Brain Cafe, we peeled our carrots for our pasta salad creations.

Then we whipped up some quesadillas for lunch too.

 Our picnic on the farm was great!

But the best part was learning how to hold our chickens! 

Laverne is the easiest one to pick up.

This farm hand was able to wrangle Wilma, our biggest chicken in the coop.

It was a great day on the farm! Thanks you Farmers!

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