Saturday, October 15, 2016

Nature Connections

The first signs of fall appeared this week on our new Chinese Pistachio tree. This aligned perfectly with our Kinder friends  and their science study of trees. We took a tree walk and learned about some of the trees near the farm. They examined each tree and shared their thoughts, and really loved hugging the trees!

Other student farmers put on their Botanist caps and studied many different things that are happening on the farm. Some sketched their garden plots and noted which plants were thriving, which ones weren't and made predictions about why that was happening. Third grade studied plant structure and function, by pulling a weed and then sketching and labeling the plant parts. Then some special insect friends visited and the kids documented them in their journals too. 

I have only seen about 5 praying mantis' in my lifetime and the kids happened upon this garden friend this week.  None of them had ever seen one before. We talked about the importance of observing and not disturbing, so they gathered around to sketch this cool creature.

The fall Monarch migration is happening right now and we see 50 or so each day. Our farm has just what they need: Mexican Milkweed, Lantana and water. They are beautiful! Stop by in the afternoon to watch them fly.

This year, all the teachers are coming to the farm during their planning time for lessons that will help them connect lessons to nature. Intermediate teachers had a great time in the coop!

It was a great week of discovery! 

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