Monday, October 10, 2016

Exploring With Senses - Garlic Planting - Supporting Local Agriculture

We had another wonderful week on the farm.  Our Kinder friends used all of their senses that they have been studying to connect to things growing on the farm. Ask them how lemon grass and mint tastes or how fresh basil smells. Ask them how cotton feels and what ladybugs and aphids look like. We are so thankful for farm learning and the curriculum connectors that take place everyday!

Teamwork goes hand in hand when planting garlic. Our farmers learned the difference between a garlic clove and a garlic bulb, then they predicted how many cloves were in a bulb, checked their predictions and planted them in their garden bed. They also learned a little bit about the history of garlic. It has been used as food and medicine for over 7,000 years and originated in China. Look for loads of garlic on the farm in May. #Yum 

Sixth grade students are learning about what it means to support local agriculture and living local. There have been some lively discussions and thoughtful insights that they brought to the table. Find out what they are learning about agriculture in the United States. It is interesting for sure!

We hope that you stop by to check out our fall crops. Our kids are very proud of the work that they are doing on the farm!  Ask them about it.

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