Monday, October 31, 2016

Hooray for Leafy Greens, Monarchs, Chickens and Special Guests

This has been a wonderful week on the farm! Our crops are flourishing with these warm days and cool nights. The Monarchs are heading south and passing through our weigh station.  Our chickens are being loved and celebrated, our food donations are picking up and we have had some fun visitors. All the while.., our kids are learning about science, the earth and themselves. Our farm and kids are thriving!

Kinder friends applied their classroom skills and analyzed differences between Kale, Cabbage and Swiss Chard. 

The chickens were welcomed home from their sweep at the Texas State Fair by snacking on yummy greens and receiving great big hugs.

The weather is cooperating and our plants are providing many pounds of vegetables for our friends at Network Ministries Food Bank.

The fall asters are in bloom, but only for a short time. They smell wonderful and give many of our pollinators some tasty treats to eat.

Several visitors stopped by this week to learn more about our farm and program. We had visitors from around the world, who came with the City of Dallas. Adam McGough, our councilman stopped in to see what we have growing in our gardens and a beekeeper taught our 4H friends about the importance of our winged superheroes, the bees.

Each week gets better and better! We are looking forward to more great things to come! #EIEIO.., It's off to school to grow!

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