Sunday, October 23, 2016

2017 State Fair of Texas Poultry Show

We love State Fair season and were super egg-cited to take our flock to the fair! Fourteen 4 H kids and 7 hens spent most of the weekend at the Poultry Show and Moss Haven was a big hit! The big news is that our egg won first place, but also was considered to be the best egg in the state of Texas, being given "Best of Show". All of our hens were judged in their classes  and four of them won prizes. The kids who showed the birds have been practicing for 3 months and it paid off. Many of our kids won awards, and Brooke won first place in the Jr. Division!

We have great kids and a great flock of hens. Patti Brewer, our beloved Master Gardener and chicken expert, has worked so hard to give the kids the info that they need and given the hens the beauty treatment that they deserved.

Thanks to all who have helped out and worked with the kids this year. #Peep

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