Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Work On The Farm

We are making plans for our Spring crops, so the farmers are busy getting ready to plant!


With all the prep that needs to be done, Beta Club hours are easy to get on the Farm. Thanks for picking up trash boys!

Mr. A brought out the worms from their science unit and these girlies were happy to hold them and serve them up to the chicks.

 We planted 2 fruit trees this week. One is a 5:1 apple and the other is a 3:1 pear. Both trees will have several varieties of fruit on them.

With hole digging, we find grubs and our chickens love them!

These boys planted our tomato seeds. They will be ready to go in the dirt in about 8 weeks, after the last frost date.

To make way for our trees, we had to move some planters and these farmers did a great job on their own.

Since our Fall and Winter collided, we are still managing leaves. We rake. We dump. We crunch, and of course we play!

January is the start of our busy time. Check back next week to see all the progress that we keep making. You'll be glad that you did!

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