Friday, January 24, 2014

Morning Mile Club

Part of our Healthy Zone School initiative involves students and  improving their level of fitness. Before school in the past, our older students sat in the cafeteria and waited until the bell rang to go to class. Some students were there, just sitting, for up to 20 minutes. We showed them the science behind our walking program (see image below), and they easily bought into our plan. 

With walking comes increased brain activity, neurons get fired up and the kids are eager and ready to learn when the bell rings and they end up in their seats. 


The NFL Fuel Up To Play 60 program stresses the importance of kids getting their 60 minutes of play/exercise every single day. Since we have PE 3 times a week, Take 9 (an additional 9 minutes of exercise/movement in the classroom) and 10 minutes of recess each day, we are able to provide all of that time at school, when our kids walk in the morning. It is a win/win for everyone!

We are at the 5 mile mark in 3 weeks. Check back to see how far we walk and how happy and healthy our students at Moss Haven are getting. E I E I O..., watch us grow healthy kids!

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