Friday, January 3, 2014

Fitness and Healthy Living for the New Year

January is a month of renewal. With New Year's resolution goals in hand, chances are that health or wellness are one of those goals that you have planned for.

Did you know that kids should have at least 60 minutes of play/exercise each day? It also wouldn't hurt adults to make that number a goal as well. It is simple to add more exercise in your day. You can park in a far off spot in the lot or take the stairs instead of an elevator. You could walk or bike to work or school, if you live close enough. You could also get more active at the gym, active play with the family, walks around the block or power walking at the mall. It doesn't have to cost money and if you do it with a partner or your family, it will be a lot of fun!

Eating better is a simple goal to attain. Start by drinking more water. Water is the key to beautiful skin and healthy organ function. If you drink a glass before each meal, you won't be as  hungry and will tend to eat less. Another thing to consider is trying to eat whole, fresh foods. The fresher the food, the less preservatives and unhealthy ingredients are put into your body. You can start by using the "My Plate" model. This is a great graphic to remember when loading up your plate for a meal. 

If you want more information about health and wellness you can check it out at:

Health and wellness are the best gifts that we can give to ourselves and our families. Start small and set some goals with a friend. You will be glad that you did.

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