Thursday, January 9, 2014

Remember The Birds!

Winter takes a toll on our feathered friends. They have to constantly scrounge for food and water. You can help them make it through the cold Winter season. 

Birds need water, so make sure they have access to a bird bath. One can easily be made from clay pots and a saucer. If it freezes, just pour hot water over it to make sure it returns to a liquid. Remember to check it at morning and the end of the day.

Keep a bird feeder filled during the barren Winter months for the hungry birds. Make sure that it is high enough and not too close to the tree trunk to discourage pesky rodents and squirrels. 

If you don't have a bird feeder, you can make a flock block.
Flock Block Recipe It can be a cute shape like the one above or you can pour into a mold. You can also purchase one at a garden center. 

 Backyard birds are part of our local ecosystem and they are here for a reason. They are great for pest control. Many birds eat insect pests like, aphids, mosquitoes and spiders. Birds are pollinators. They bounce from flower to flower to add boost for extra blooms on your plants. Some birds help with weed control. They love to eat weed seeds, which will cut down on the ones growing in your yard. So, take good care of them while they are in your backyard. 

By observing birds you can learn many things about them. You can see migrations, courtship, seasonal plumage changes and nesting behaviors just by looking out your window.  

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