Friday, February 8, 2013

It's February And We Are Gearing Up For Spring

A farm record was set this week by one of our farm team friends. She harvested the biggest carrot to come from our farm!

We are growing happy healthy farmers!

Our wonderful Master Gardener Guru taught us about Lady Beettles. Did  you know that they were a beettle?

Our farm team got our veggie starts growing in our big south facing back windows.

After harvesting cabbage, this farmer had fun with some of the huge leaves.

A trend was started on our farm during cabbage harvest.

We took time out to remember the birds that make their way to our farm.

The kids broke up into groups and took turns holding the ladders and filling up our bird feeders.

Teamwork was the theme while we climbed ladders to feed the birds.

Our morning farm friend continues to feed our worms breakfast every few days. Vermicomposting is amazing!

The Farmers investigated the beds to check out what was going on beneath the soil. They are big fans of our worms outside too!

Everyday we are enjoying the healthy benefits of being farmers at our school! E I E I O....,

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