Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Visit With Our Farm Friend - Edgar Hercila

The farm teaches our kids so much. It also has taught the adults involved many lessons and the importance of networking with other garden loving people, to form a team to help support and sustain our farm.

So, along came one of our farm friends, Edgar. We originally met him when he came to our farm to help set up our beds and then again to our plant day. Edgar lives and gardens in California and we met him through our wonderful garden partners The American Heart Association. He is an Iraqi veteran who came back with a passion for gardening and teaching kids that passion as well. He was in town this week, so we planned a school wide event and spruced up the farm during recess. We had expanded shale to mix in and perineal plants and herbs that needed to be moved to our native water wise area.  It was great fun!

It was a great day with the excitement of digging in the dirt with our community and even some of our farm loving teachers.

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