Saturday, February 2, 2013

Growing Goodness (Even In The Winter)

In the winter farming is easy! You rarely need to water. Weeds and pests are practically non-existent. The kids are amazed to see what grows this time of year. Why do some things freeze while other plants thrive? The Moss Haven Farmers are learning lessons about the plants that are winter hardy and which ones are not.  We are loving the veggies that are growing goodness on our farm all winter long!

While the beets are growing underground, we can snip at the tender leaves to add color to our salads.

Cabbage plants don't mind freezing temperatures either.

Carrots are root veggies too and do well in our Texas winter climate.

Parsley is growing in our Medieval garden bed. 

Tasty garlic is growing underground.

French Sorrel tolerates the cold winter temperature as well.

Lettuce is ready to be picked.

Oregano is an herb that is readily available in the Winter.

Rosemary is one of the hardiest herbs on our farm.

Thyme does well in a Winter garden too.

Sage is a handy plant to have in the Winter for a chicken dinner. Yum!

Our fennel is making a comeback in its second season.

Even in the Winter, there is so much growing on the farm. Our kids benefit from the lessons that a garden can teach all year long. We are looking forward to our Spring planting coming soon. E I E I O..., watch us grow some more.

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