Thursday, January 3, 2013

Harvest Our Seeds

When the first frost hit our farm, it really changed the look of the land. The kids immediately took notice and as we pulled out the dead stalks and plants, they really could see what the weather did to our beds. I had to explain to my farm friends that the freeze cycle is part of the process. It gives farmers a little break so that they can regroup and plan for the next growing season. Tools need organized and repaired. The soil needs to be turned and ammended with organic material from the compost and then plans need to be made about what to plant and where.

We had such a great harvest this year which gave us not only veggies and flowers, it also produced many seeds as well. We dead headed flowers, separated the seeds and labeled them in bags so that we can use this  Spring. Our seeds are a great product from the farm. They will give us a jump start on our planning and planting.

Our activities this winter will be focussed on prepping and planning. The kids have such great input and I love hearing about their ideas as well. The more we grow, the more they know.

 E I E I O..., Watch us keep growing!

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