Monday, December 31, 2012

Herb Infused Oils - We love them!

With the end of our growing season, came a ton of herbs that needed harvested. We dried many of them to make seasoning packets and the rest we used to infuse olive oil.

First, we harvested buckets of fresh herbs from the garden.

Next, we filled bottles with olive oil and added cloves of garlic and different herbs to each bottle. We let them sit for a week, then we had our taste test day.

The kids got to sample the oils with a bread dipping station on the way to recess. They tried tarragon oil, oregano oil and thai basil oil.

Most of the kids' favorite turned out to be oregano. They thought that one won since that was the flavor in many of their favorite foods like pizza and spaghetti.

In any event, we had another fun taste of the farm event where we were able to use local organically grown food to show the kids how delicious gardening can be.

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