Thursday, January 10, 2013

We Couldn't Do It Without Our Farmers!

The Farm Team at Moss Haven is not about after school entertainment for kiddos. It is about kids doing meaningful work that is important in keeping our farm running and growing. It is about empowering students to care for, manage and tend our crops, grounds and equipment. The students make plans and decisions based on what they know or what they think may happen next. The farmers at Moss Haven are learning about the land, the weather patterns, growing conditions and what they need to do to manage what it takes to grow and harvest our produce and flowers. They work together and use team work to get the jobs done.

I am not an expert gardener. I am merely a guide on 
the side, teaching kids the love of dirt, worms, flowers and veggie crops. When people comment about how much work it must be on my part, I never take the credit for it. It really belongs to the kids and is run by the kids. I am just a lucky farmer that gets to be a part of a special plot of land in back of our school.

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