Friday, January 18, 2013

Whistling With Acorns

You never really know what lessons will be learned out on the farm and this week we learned a fun one. While the farm team was surveying the farm to decide how to spend our afternoon, a student walked by making a high pitched sound. Being as curious as the kids, I stopped him immediately to find out how he was producing that sound. He happily shared his skill and showed us how to make acorn whistles.

First, you find an uncracked acorn cap.
Next, you put your thumbs together side by side.
Then you turn your thumbs inward, towards each other to make a small v-shape and place your thumbs tighly on the acorn cap.

The last step is to press your lips to your thumb knuckles and blow.
Tada..., an acorn whistle.

The farm is such a fun place. One never knows what random knowledge they will walk away with.

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