Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Success and Failure.., Both Help Us Learn

The most important thing growing on our farm.., the kids!
 We have had a bountiful Spring Harvest! The beds are filled with tasty veggies, beautiful flowers and good things keep coming from our farm.  Our school community is embracing the fact that we are all farmers and in this together. In fact, we have eager families signed up to help run the farm all summer long.

Our zucchini harvest was amazing!
On the other hand, we have had failure. Many of our beds were getting too much water because in addition to our watering efforts, the school's sprinklers were also hitting the beds. This caused an anerobic situation in the beds and things turned yellow and wouldn't grow. A lesson was in the works. We had to first figure out the problem and then work out a way to address it. Other problems came up along the way, and we either solved them or ripped plants right out of the beds. All of this creates new learning and will certainly help us grow better crops on the next go around.

Growing squash is a constant battle.
More water and mulch fixed our cantaloupe concerns.

When you work in a garden, pests show up on a regular basis.

We are always on bug alert.
We also watch for pesky pests' eggs.
Yes, learning and problem solving are taking place everyday on our farm.  There is so much room for all of us to grow. We love it! It is all FARM-GOOD!

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  1. It's a good thing that you have accepted the fact that pests appear every now and then in your farm. With that attitude, you can focus on how to control them and stop thinking of ways to eradicate them completely because it just won't happen.

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