Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Master Gardeners - Our Latest Farm Friends

Master Gardeners are really amazing resources. To become one, they have to go through an extensive training program and in order to keep their certification, they volunteer many hours each year to an approved program to promote and educate gardening in the community. They also provide education programs with a wide variety of topics. They will come to your site and teach a group of people topics like composting, raising worms, beneficial insects, and water harvesting to name a few.

Master Gardeners can help support your school garden program.
Since our farm was just established this year, it will take some time to blend our farm into our curriculum. Some teachers at our school are avid gardeners, some try to learn all that they can, and some can't keep potted plants alive. So to help our teachers along, we solicited the Master Gardeners in our area to support us and help get our farming program up and growing.

We met the Master Gardeners at the farm.
 Some members of our Garden Team met with the Master Gardener Incubation Team to share what our mission is, what we would like the Master Gardeners to help with and where we are now. They decided that we would be a good volunteer project and will work at getting us through the approval process. We are thrilled!
Dallas Master Gardener Incubation Team

The more people and organizations that you can involve in a school's garden program, the better. With support from the community, there is a stronger commitment and the chance for great success is really quite high.

We look forward to yet another partner on our farm. E I E I O!

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