Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Local Feed Store

Roach Feed & Seed Garland, Texas

We are lucky to have a feed store in our community that is fairly close to our farm. If you have never been to one, I highly recommend a visit.

Lucas, Ohio Feed & Seed circa 1945

Feed stores were established in farming communities to get the farmers what they needed. In the day, they were also a hub of activity and how the people got their news and local gossip.

Still a busy business.., Roach Feed & Seed Garland, Texas
Today feed stores supply customers with hay, alfalfa, medicines for pets and livestock, tools, tack supplies for horses, fertilizers, pest control, water tanks, seeds, grain, and animals for sale to name a few of their many products. They also offer a wealth of information to customers and help solve problems with animals, plants and outdoor needs. There aren't many new feed stores popping up these days, so most of them that you will stumble upon are at least 75 years old or older. The people who work there know their business. They are experts.

Hay was on our shopping list this time.

Feed stores offer a great variety of seeds that work well in your planting zone.

Some vintage signage on display at Roach's.

With farming on the decline in America, the feed store is sadly going in that direction as well. Look one up and stop in for a visit to grab a real glimpse into rural Americana. You'll be glad you did.

If you're not close to Roach's, find one in your community.

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