Saturday, April 9, 2016

April on the Farm

We are so excited to announce that there are 2 pair of Purple Martins that are making their home on the farm. When you are close to their houses, listen for the beautiful song that they have. Besides keeping our eyes to the sky, we made many investigations this week. Our kinder friends looked at plants and compared them to the size of a ruler. They found out whether their plants were smaller, the same size or bigger than a ruler.  First grade studied life cycles of plants and animals. Second grade practiced their plant part knowledge. Third grade found examples of plant life cycles and some came out to work on their "Reading Court". Fourth grade looked for examples of renewable and non renewable resources. Fifth grade looked for examples of how things interacted on the farm and sixth grade reviewed their Dallas Farmers Market herb business plan. It was a busy and productive week. To top it off, we celebrated our Healthy Zone school with a delicious grab and go breakfast provided by the PTA and made by our very own Cafeteria Ladies. It was a great week at Moss Haven!

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