Sunday, February 7, 2016

We Are Stronger Together

This week reminded us about the importance of working together. Since our irrigation system has been installed, we needed to re-string our square foot gardening grids. It would have taken this farmer forever to complete that task, so I took this opportunity to have my student farmers help out. Of course we didn't miss a beat in applying their lessons in class to this project. Kinder friends counted squares, Primary friends found arrays and skip counted (the precursor to multiplication) and Intermediate and Upper friends figured out perimeter, area and volume. Many hands make light work and I was really impressed by the kids and the way that they all pitched in and helped out to get the job done.

Our recently formed 4H Club was invited to the Dallas Zoo to help out in the Savanna. We made enrichment toys for the elephants, buried food for them to dig up, and help make some upgrades in their indoor pens. I think that we all want to be zookeepers now!


Building community and working together, helps us all get the job done and have a lot of fun along the way. We are stronger together!

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