Sunday, February 14, 2016

Potatoes - Presidents -Print Making

In North Texas, Presidents Day reminds us that it is time to plant potatoes. So, our school farmers were busy this week. They dug holes, spaced chunks of seed potatoes just right, covered them, watered them and wished for big harvests. 

Since we were honoring our American Presidents, we added a lesson on Presidents who had farming roots. Did you know that there were 17?
Here is a list in the order of their Presidency:
1st       George Washington
2nd     John Adams
3rd      Thomas Jefferson
5th       James Monroe
6th       John Quincy Adams
9th      William Henry Harrison
10th     John Tyler
11th     James K. Polk
16th     Abraham Lincoln
18th     Ulysses S. Grant
26th     Theodore Roosevelt
33rd     Harry S. Truman
36th     Lyndon B. Johnson
39th     Jimmy Carter
40th     Ronald Reagan
42nd    Bill Clinton
43rd     George W. Bush

We also worked in some potato print making and taught the kids how to create art using potato stamps and reclaimed wood.

Perhaps one day one of our farmers will become President or a Print Maker. E I E I O.., Growing Goodness in the know.

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