Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lessons From Nature

The farm is an amazing outdoor learning environment! So many cross-curricular lessons can be taught and when kids experience concepts, the learning sticks with them. This week was a very busy week!

Our kinder friends learned about the effects of cooling and heating, by observing what a freeze does to our plants on the farm as well as what happens in the compost process when nitrogen (the green part which are food scraps from the cafeteria) and carbon ( the brown leaves that are added) mix with water and air to create a heat that breaks down food.

First grade learned about natural and man made sources of water. Ask them about where we get our water, where it is collected by humans and the importance of drinking water for a healthy body.
Second grade studied seasonal crops and learned about our El Nino weather pattern.  Some even got to harvest their radishes. Ask them about cool season crops that are growing in their garden bed.


Mrs. Mabry's class stepped out this week and learned about our crazy weather pattern. We explored El Nino and La Ninya weather patterns. Ask them which one we are in. They will know.

Fifth grade came out  and learned about rocks, soil, erosion and weathering. Ask them about the erosion tree, deposition, slope and how rocks turn into soil. They will know.

It is so exciting to see our students when they enter the farm to learn. They ask meaningful questions, tie their learning to hands on experiential learning, work together cooperatively and learn to care for our earth and chickens. So, talk to your kids about the time that they spend on our farm. Chances are, they will have a lot to tell you about.

E I E I O..., It's off to school to grow.

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