Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Week In December

As we close out 2015, our week before Holiday Break was a busy one. Our "Give Back" Enrichment Cluster gave back in big ways. They made blankets, cleaned out the Giving Garden, raked leaves for our compost, made herb bundles for the teachers, wrote thank you notes to those who help our school and collected 289 cans of food for Network Ministries. Wow!

Then there were the harvests that went on. Our farm is getting a new irrigation system in January, so all the crops had to go. It actually was great timing, because many class parties got to enjoy farm fresh yummies to celebrate.

The 5th graders came out to study erosion in our Erosion Table to learn how water impacts different environments. Ask them about the difference between sand, gravel, pea gravel and mulch. They can even tell you about the retaining walls at your house and the way that  different ground covers can help slow erosion. #Impressive

And then there are the chickens. They are the rock stars and everyone's favorite activity on the farm!

We love our farm and all the learning and community that it builds. E I E I O...,

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