Friday, February 13, 2015

Master Gardener On The Farm February 2015

Every six weeks we cycle the entire school through farm activities with the help of our Master Gardener friends. Lessons from the classroom can be shifted to the farm or we use what is happening seasonally to connect classroom TEKS and objectives to our farm lessons. This time, we planted our potato crops in our Giving Garden. Every student planted a chunk of potato that will turn into several potatoes by the end of the school year. We hope to donate several hundred pounds of potatoes this year to our friends at Network Ministries. We also harvested the broccoli and cauliflower that was planted this Fall and several classes served that during their Valentine Parties. Fifth grade students connected their life science lessons from the classroom to plant terrariums. These plants will be added to their class beds to grow and harvest. The kids had a Master Gardener led walking tour around the farm to see what is happening in a Texas garden in February. Some of our Kinder friends had time to bond and learn animal science with our hens. With support from our teachers, parents and Master Gardeners, our Farm Day was a great success. Our students walked away with new knowledge and participated in giving back to others. 

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