Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Farm Work Is Fun With Friends!

The Farm takes a lot more work than this farmer is able to handle, so that is why we are always thankful for our farm friends. Last week, we asked our families to come out and lend a hand on a cool July morning and that is just what they did!

We trimmed our wildflowers and "dead headed" them. That means that we cut off the spent flowers to save the seeds for next planting season.

We finally finished our painting job on the sheds. Looks nice from the alley now.

Mrs. Pillers pulled the biggest carrot that we had ever seen from the garden. The carrot was not good to eat, but it produced flowers that had a million carrot seeds on them. So, we harvested those seeds to plant in cooler temperatures.

We had a huge load to haul away to make room for Fall planting! There is never a dull moment on the farm, and always a list a mile long.

Thanks everyone for giving us a bit of your time! We couldn't do it without you! E I E I O...,

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