Friday, July 18, 2014

GenYOUth Nutrition-Physical Activity-Learning Connection Summit

This week was more than exciting, to say the least! I was invited by our Healthy Zone friends to attend the GenYOUth National Convention at AT & T Stadium. It was just what this health loving teacher needed to get fired up for the upcoming school year!

The morning started off with a tasty breakfast that highlighted some of the new national breakfast recipes and standards. Yum!

There were several keynote speakers throughout the morning.  We learned from leading experts in the field of childhood health and nutrition who were there to share their knowledge base. Included in these leaders were members of the NFL, The Cooper Clinic, FitnessGram, National Dairy Council, United Way, Fuel Up To Play 60, Quaker Oats, Pepsico, GenYOUth, US Department of Agriculture, Farmers, Community Leaders, Teachers, and folks from the Medical field. I was proud to be representing our school and took in as much as I could.

While a break was in session, these Healthy Zone teachers were brought onto the field to work with student ambassadors and the Healthy Zone Champion, Troy Aikman!

Activities to engage and re-charge our brains were provided when the Fuel Up To Play 60 Student Ambassadors sat down with us for Lego building fun! We built a scene and shared an inspiring experience with each other. Can you see the two  Lego chickens in my Lego hands below?

The Student Ambassadors and Summit leaders were treated like Pro Football players when we entered the field through fog to participate on the gridiron! Our faces were even flashed up on the humongous Jumbo-Tron.

Student Ambassadors created posters of health and fitness. The winners' poster will be printed and hung in football stadiums around the country. They were all super excited about that opportunity!

The challenge from the summit was to go out and make big changes in our communities! My fuel is fired and we are well on our way! I can't wait to make more healthy changes at our school and in our neighborhood! Thank you genYOUth! This farmer is motivated!

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