Sunday, June 24, 2012

Farm Celebration - Our New Barn

Our new barn will be utilized for storage and support our rain collection system
In just a few months, our farm has grown by leaps and bounds. This week, we celebrated our new barn and water collection tank with an outdoor roundup.
Kids excited about the farm 

We also took time to give each class fun awards for their first farming efforts. 

Two proud students accepting their class award.

We were awarded a check from Lowe's to support our farm efforts and fund future projects.

Mr, Henderson (right) accepts our check for the farm.

We took  in the view, shared the success of everyone's harvest and now look forward to good things to come next fall. E I E I O.., We all love our farm!

The kids enjoy pumping the water out of our rain barrel.

The kids love our barn!

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